Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cSc 134-ObJective & AspEctatioN


First Of All TQ to Mr..sHAhaDan FOr giving Us thiS AssingMeNT..ObjectiVe in STUdying this ClaSS for IMprovE My SkiLL in usING COmputer..IN AdditiOn,THis IS ONE oF THe SubJEct that We NEEd to SCOre in The ExamiNatiON..BEsiDEs,,FOr make STUdents PREpared fOr their FUtuRE Career.. theN..THis is The MOst InTErestING cLass That need to BE ENJOY..I LOve COmputer..huhu....


hopE i CAn pass WIth flying ColouR foR this Subject..THis will be thE mOst interestINg clASS fOreVer...mR.Shahadan continUE to BE a good anD FunnY lecturer..caN gRab aLL the Study about..AnsweR all THe QueStiOn..be A gOOd studeNT..FolloW claSS and UNIversity guidelines and RULES...EvErything Would Be ok....inSYAAllah...barAKKALlah alaihim ya ALLAH..=)

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