Sunday, June 14, 2009

suMMary Of CHapter 1=)

EnteR thE claSS witH neW hoPE...
abouT THis cHaPter it teLL us abOUt basiC oF thE comPuter..comPUTer is deVice operAting under THe COntrol of insTRUction stoREd in its ON MEMOry.COmputer can ACCepts data,procESSes data INTo INFormatIon & produceS anD stOREs resUlts..compuTER litERacY means KNOwledges & UNDErstanding of COMputers and THEir usEs..we alSO learN abouT the advantages & diSadvantaGES uSING coMPuters..advantageS usING comPUTERs arE hELp uS iN speeD,REliability,conSIStenCY,STOrage and communiCation..diSadvaNtages oF uSINg COmputers arE vioLaTIon oF PRivacy,puBLIc safeTY,IMPact oN laborFOrce,hEAlth riskS and IMpact oN ENvirONmeNT..inFORmation prOCEssing CYCle inVOlve inPUT,PROcess,OUTput,storAge anD COmmunication..inpuT iS Data thaT wiLL be PROCess to tHE inFORmation THat WE callED oUTput..PRoceSSer wILL COntrol aLL the worKs..eXamples oF input DEVICEs are scaNNer,Camera,KEYBoard n ETC..exAMples oF output DEvices are sPEaker,MOnitOR and PrintEr..then ProCESsor also wE CAlled IS elecTRONic cOMPOnent that INTErpreTs anD carrIES OUt THE baSIc INstructionS thaT genErate computER..sTOrage can be dIVIDE inTO STOrage mEdia suCH as mEMOry card and STOrage devicE sUCH as Card REader..CommuNICation deVICE sUCH as neTWork.nETworK IS cOLLection oF COMputers And devices CONNected TOgether..then inTERNET alsO COMMunication DEVICE it is worldwidE COLlection OF netWORks thaT coNNECTS MILLIONs OF busINESSEs,goVERNMENt aggenCIES,eduCAtional inSTITUtions anD iNDividuals..TheN,cOMPuter alsO contaiNINg soFTwarE.. SYStem soFTware such AS winDOw and APPLIcatioN softwarE sUCH as micROsoFT WOrd arE thE 2 Types OF the sofTware..thE catogarieS OF THE computER are persONal comPUTER,mobile cOMPUTER,gamE conSOLes,serVErs,maiNframes,supeRcOMPUTers and Embedded COMputers.homE USER ,homE oFFICE useR,POwer usER,MOBIle user and laRge bUSIness USEr are THE tyPES OF comPUTER USERs..cOMPUter invOLVE iN variouS fIELD suCH as manUFActuring,EDucatioN,travEL,publishING,scienCE,HEAltH cARE,FInANCE,and goVERnment..thaT alL..=)

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